Ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn for beginners. The factor that sets it apart from rest of the instruments is that commonly it has four strings which make it easy to play and often consumes less time as compared to instruments such as classical guitar, violin, bagpipe, etc.

Size and shape of Ukulele

The size and shape of ukulele vary. The three standard sizes of ukulele are a soprano, concert, and tenor. There is a fourth type of ukulele as well which is called a baritone ukulele. The main difference between these three categories and baritone is that while the three common sizes are harmonized in the same way the baritone ukulele is harmonized differently. As a result, while one’s skills are transferable among soprano, concert, and tenor there is a different skill set required for learning baritone ukulele. Well it is truly the best instrument to learn for the music lovers.

Among the standard ukulele, soprano ukulele is the smallest one. Historically, all ukuleles used to be a soprano.  Naturally, people visualize a soprano ukulele when they hear about this instrument. It has traditional reverberation which makes it unique among those who aspire to learn it. The length of a soprano ukulele is 21 inches, and its scale is 13 inches. Scale refers to the part of the nut to bridge from where the instrument is played.

The second standard ukulele is Concert ukulele. The fretboard is broader as compared to the soprano ukulele. It has a bigger length and scale as well. The length of the Concert ukulele is 23 inches while the scale is 15 inches.

The third standard ukulele is a Tenor ukulele. It is the largest among three standard sizes. It has a long neck, and the bigger dimension of it makes it look impressive, exciting and attractive. The greater length gives it an enchanting and boasting sound. It has a length of 26 inches and a scale of 19 inches.

The baritone ukulele is different from the standard sizes of ukulele. It has a deeper sound and a guitar-like tuning. Its length is 30 inches, and scale is 19 inches.

Advantages of ukulele

One of the biggest advantages of the ukulele is that it’s portable. You can take it from one place to another without much hassle. It is a lightweight, easy-to-carry instrument. The materials that are used in manufacturing the instrument determine the weight of the ukulele. Cheaper ukuleles are usually made from plywood whereas expensive ukuleles are made of mahogany. Hence, you can take this instrument anywhere and everywhere you want without much trouble.

Which ukulele should you buy?

Plenty of people recommend learning ukulele because it’s relatively easy. So which ukulele should you buy?  Generally speaking, people would buy soprano ukulele as it has interesting history and it gives a traditional feel to play the oldest type of the instrument.

Consider your budget and purchase the one that is affordable to you. The general advice for beginners would be to start with soprano. However, you can try all three standard sizes and decide the best and most suitable for you.