Finding just any stage school in a big city such as London is rather easy, but determining if that school is good or not takes some skills. In fact, these skills are something that pretty much anyone can learn, and in order to help you out with that, we have decided to give them to you in the form of simple tips that you ought to adhere to when inspecting a stage school. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered about how to find a great stage school in London (or any other city for that matter), just use the following tips. We looked up some great theatre schools and West End Stage Theatre Summer School really stood out.


The location of a stage school is really important, and this is something that is highly subjective. The greatness of a stage school should not depend solely on this, but if you live across the entire city from the school, you can hardly say that it is a great one for you. Therefore, location is important, but highly subjective, and depends from one student to another.

Get there early

In order to see how the school actually operates, get there a bit early. This will allow you to see the inside of the school and how exactly everything works there. You’ll also see how the teachers treat students out of classes, and how the school staff acts.

Do your research

Of course, before actually going to visit a stage school, you ought to do some research about it. See if the school is respected enough in the acting community and the entire industry because that should tell you if anyone is going to appreciate you after you’ve graduated from this particular school. You could go one step further and check the background of the teachers. You can do this via Clear Check. You’ll be able to get a full report on the teachers at the stage school, seeing how eligible they are to teach the subject and the students.

Ask questions

After you get there, make sure you ask your guide any question that you can think of (of course, questions regarding the school and acting in particular). Their answers should tell you a lot about them. Make sure you ask if any of the famous actors or actresses went to this school – this should tell you just how successful this school really is and how big of talents it produced.

Cost of studying

Money shouldn’t be everything, but unfortunately, you can only spend as much as you have, and that is why you can only go to a school for which you can afford. That’s just how it is, and that is why you ought to ask about the costs of studying there. If the cost is too high, as if they offer any scholarships – perhaps you could qualify for one of them.

Bring a friend

If you travel alone, someone might be inclined to take advantage of you, or even take your money. Also, two pairs of eyes see a lot more than one. So, bring a friend with you, just in case. If nothing, you’ll have a better time if you have some company.

Organize a transport

You need to know how you’re going to get there, and if you start going to this school. How you’re going to commute there. So, look into the traffic, or if you have your own car, see if there’s a school’s parking lot.