Summer Camps

A good summer camp is place where boys and girts can make friends, learn to be independent and find out new passions. In summer camps, children learn how to cooperate with each other, teamwork and other important values. The camps are located in beautiful places surrounded by lakes, woodlands and mountains. Here are some great summer camps in the USA.

Tripp Lake Camp

It is a lovely summer camp in Poland, Maine. This is one of the best girls’ camps you will find. The camp is located near the beautiful Tripp Lake. The camp was formed in 1911 by Evea Rosenheim. The camp emphasizes on lifelong friendships. The campers gain confidence and can navigate new situations. Activities in this camp include basketball, archery, soccer, kayaking, canoeing, equestrian pursuits, waterskiing, theater and arts, etc.


River Way Ranch Camp

It is situated in Sanger, California. It is an ideal place for seven to sixteen year old boys and girls. The camp has received a number of awards including Mom’s Best Award 2011and CCUSA Spirit Award 2011. Activities at the camp include martial arts, horse jumping, mini-bikes, soccer, riflery, archery, sailing, kayaking, swimming, etc. Campers can also learn photography, digital graphics, yearbook design, etc. There are waterslides that the campers enjoy.


Raquette Lake Camps

The camp is established in 1916 at Hamilton County, New York. It offers separate experiences for the boys and the girls. In this camp, children will learn how to make friends, learn new skills and challenge themselves. They learn to become independent and responsible adolescents. The camp has an extensive waterfront. So, the campers can sail, boat, canoe and kayak. They can play hockey, archery and basketball. They can also go creative and learn woodworking and ceramics.


Camp Chief Ouray

It opened in 1908 in Granby, Colorado. Since 1980, the camp has been relocated at the Snow Mountain Ranch, to the southeast of the town. The activities at the camp include leadership training, trekking, horseback riding and backpacking.


Summer camps are great fun and an amazing way to spend time. The camps just mentioned are among the best in USA and are absolutely safe. You can consider sending your kids to one of these summer camps next year.