Prepping is among the most fun activities you could have with your family. Just compare prepping with other activities and you will see how beneficial and enjoyable it really is. Will your current hobby keep you alive? There are some hobbies that will help you stay alive such as martial art, but what if the situation doesn’t necessitate you to fight back? Maybe you love cooking and that’s a good hobby, but you can’t benefit much from it if you cannot cook or produce your own food in the wild. Golf may be fun, but you cannot get real survival skills from it. Prepping is a vast subject and provides a lot of rewards. By making prepping as a hobby, you can help your family members learn important survival skills.

With a prepping hobby, you can develop homestead skills such as food storage, off grid living, money management, food preserving and alternative energy. Of course, you will learn survival skills such as tracking, cooking and preserving, hunting (using the best hunting knife or a swiss army knife and fire making. You will also develop personal skills like bug out management and planning skills.

Your new hobby will become a comfortable, fun activity that may save your life one day. You can also focus on certain areas of prepping, particularly if there is something you’re good at. The best thing about prepping is that no money is really wasted with this hobby. Everything you buy has a purpose. You won’t buy something that’s just a waste of time and money. What you will buy has a purpose that will help you live more comfortably and survive.

Prepping will also help you learn survival knowledge that can be used by you and your entire family. For instance, food preparation, cooking and storage skills will give you a huge advantage over those who are unaware of the possibilities out there that are waiting to occur. Well-stocked food storage means you have enough supply of food in case something unexpected happens (make sure you have a cooler to keep that well prepped food in! You can pick one up over at Gear Hungry). While this doesn’t mean a huge disaster or a personal problem such as losing your budget for the month, at least you have stored supplies that will help you until you get back the amount that was lost.

Everyone can also benefit from prepping. Some hobbies prevent other family members to join due to various reasons such as lack of interest or health problems. Prepping, on the other hand, doesn’t have such limitation. Even your kids can participate. Kids love the outside and prepping will allow them to learn new skills that will be with them for life. You can also find survival courses that you and your kids can enroll in. There are holiday weekend breaks where survival enthusiasts and preppers get together in constructive settings and conduct activities that improve survival skills.

Prepping with the whole family is a great hobby and the skills you will learn will be important to you. If something unexpected does happen in the future, you know you are prepared and equipped with skills to survive.