Both compound bow and crossbow have their own share of pros and cons. Here’s a comparison of both bows provided by the folks at ShootingAuthority to help you pick the right one for you.


Accuracy is an important factor that you should pay close attention to. It’s not wrong to say that the compound bow is certainly more precise than the crossbow. String loops are crucial for improved accuracy. The compound bow uses this mechanism. It holds the arrow release at a steady anchor point to make the shot extremely accurate.

A crossbow, on the other hand, is locked in and drawn to a different degree with every shot. This limits the bow’s consistency and makes it more difficult to hit accurately all the time. The only advantage of crossbow when it comes to accuracy is that it allows you to pull the string back as well as lock in the arrow. There is no need to hold the arrow physically in place as the crossbow does this job for you.

Weight and Size

The body style of compound bow and crossbow is different and will have an effect on your shooting experience. Compound bows are longer and can be carried more easily when traveling long distances. Crossbows are shorter and heavier than compound bows. If you are hunting, compound bows are a better option.

Drawing the BOW

You need to spend an enormous amount of strength to draw a crossbow. This takes a lot of muscle power to pull and lock the bow. The large tensions are also rough on the bow’s mechanical parts and thus, they need to be replaced and maintained often. The compound bow, on the other hand, is quiet, fast and light. Its mechanical components can be quietly and easily drawn and won’t need to be replaced often. With a compound bow, you can make quick shots. A crossbow requires a few minutes to prepare the bow for firing, load in the arrow, line up a shot and release.

Draw weight and noise

A crossbow has higher poundage and requires more force to fire, generating more vibration in the bow that causes noise. As such, a crossbow is not a suitable option for a hunter. A crossbow requires a greater amount of force to draw an arrow, making it harder and more challenging to fire an arrow.

Based on the information above, it is safe to say that a compound bow is the better choice. It requires less strength to fire an arrow, is extremely accurate and works quietly. A compound bow is also light, so you can bring it anywhere. It can be loaded fast and allows you to fire at longer ranges. You can also fire more shots in less time and you don’t need to sacrifice a lot of power for this. A compound bow uses better mechanics, requires less maintenance and is smaller. If you want to teach your kids how to shoot with a bow, a compound bow is a good option.