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logosqWhen I was in school, summer used to be very boring initially. There was no school, no friends to hand around as most used to go to holiday. My parents were busy working even in summer, so we didn’t go on vacation much during that time. I had a brother who was a lot younger than me. So, I had literally no one to hang around with.

Suddenly, one day I saw my neighbor’s kids making kites with colorful paper. Then I realized that a lot of creative things can be done at home. So, I googled and came up with a list of things I liked to do. That summer, I learned a lot of crafts, cooking and also did some community works! What a great experience it was. My summer days were never boring again.

I am a school teacher now. When I see the kids in my classroom, I remember my old days at school. I thought of writing this blog three years back thinking that kids would love to find out something interesting in summer. In this blog I post new ideas every day so that your summer days are not boring any more. The ideas are very practical and can be done easily at home. Summer camp is a great option for kids to learn various things. I’ve lots of articles related to summer camp also. So, you will know what to expect there. I hope you will have a great time reading this blog.