Extracurricular activities are important part of your college application. You need to impress the colleges with your interests. An extracurricular activity is anything that is not needed for paid employment or high school credit. This activities help to develop your talents, passions and interests. It also teaches you practical skills, such as time management. There are hundreds of options out there. You should choose those that you are passionate about. Here are some common extracurricular activities for students.


These can be music, dance, theater, painting, creative writing, photography, etc. These are creative works and need both passion and patience. You can join formal classes.



These include chess club, debate, role playing club, language clubs, skateboarding club, film club, and so on. Join these clubs if you think you are good at it or you want to improve your skills. You can ask some of your friends to join as well. That way you will feel the eagerness to go to the clubs regularly.


Volunteer work and community service

These include tutoring and mentoring, fund raising, hospital work, Rotary, nursing home work, animal rescue, etc. You can do voluntary works during festivals or in occasions like elections. You can also help in building road or other structures.



You can play football, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, track, gymnastics, dance, swimming, skiing, skiing, cheerleading and so on. You can think of joining a sports club near your house. You will feel motivated if you participate in different sports competitions in your school and community.


It is absolutely necessary for a student to get involved in extracurricular activities. It teaches you many things outside your classroom lectures.

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