Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. A lot of countries now play soccer and participate in various international tournaments. This sport has many advantages. Here are the reasons you should try soccer.


Soccer match has more spectators than any other matches such as NBA or NFL games. The crowd and fan base is nothing like soccer. It is a very passionate game. It is an exciting game. You will be totally on your toes throughout the whole game. It is an energetic and fun game wot watch and play.

Athleticism and fitness

In order to be a soccer player, you need to have that speed and skill. Your fitness improves when you play soccer. This is because, on average, you need to run six plus miles during a match. This running is not like jogging in the park, where you can just head back home and stand under your rain shower head to regain energy instantly. This is like anaerobic sprints for about ninety minutes.


It is hard to put a ball in a net that is eight yards wide and eight feet tall with so many players standing around to get their chance with the soccer ball. You need strategy to place the ball inside the net. You need to think about how the players need to move without the ball in order to create space so that they are on the right position to kick the ball into the net.

Soccer is a wonderful game to stay fit, develop personal skills and have fun. The speed and skills you learn from soccer can be applied to your personal and professional life.